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the homestead project

on display from march 24, 2012 – december 9, 2012
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This proposal dedicates the east edge of the property to a new farnsworth museum exhibit space, defining the Elm Street entrance to the museum and delineating end-of-museum and beginning-of-residential precincts. The plan and section are a complex series of layers progressing from the public realm of the street to the private spaces of the house. A series of robust stone walls have several duties. Pragmatically, they are used as space definers. Metaphorically, they allude to masonry patterns in town, as well as the directional fingers of ledge defining the topography and geography of midcoast Maine. Thermally, they provide mass contributing to the energy reduction strategy. Tactilely, they define the rough end of the material spectrum in the house. And, provocatively, they invert the fundamental spatial essence of the19th century entry hall, exchanging absence for presence.