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mysterious spaces spatial unfolding and revealing as one moves further into the scene. a promise of imminent resolution, knowledge, denouement
theater architecture as backdrop, elevating life’s everyday rituals from mundane to noble, poignant, remarkable
plain things reduction, simplicity, minimalism, clarity. revealed in a cool, hip loft, but also in the understatement of an old farmhouse. a success when it recognizes life is quite beautiful in its messiness
assemblage composition and craftsmanship. the organization of disparate elements and the elegance of joinery
surreal the unusual juxtaposition of familiar and ordinary, revealed in light and shadow
genius loci the unique spirit of place. its guardian deity. sanctuary, haven, refuge, center
bespoke the tailored design solution resolutely integrating client, site and program. the end result better because of clients’ parameters rather than in spite of them