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riley pratt & matt o’malia
go logic
Our relationship with GO Logic is more than a collaboration: their involvement on some of our projects is a true partnership. A young architectural design firm that also builds some of their own work, they established their reputation by committing themselves to achieving the highest possible expectations for sustainable design, using the European Passive House model. When working with us, they bring their expertise in sustainable design to the table, helping us integrate precise detailing methodology with our architectural vocabulary, to achieve buildings with very high expectations for aesthetics and performance.
lynn pepe
pepe studio
Lynn was my mentor for all things Mediterranean as I got my design feet on the ground in Southern California. Understanding that rich and specific way of building and detailing—on equal footing with the SoCal post-war modernist vocabulary—has been essential in my quest to build here in a way that feels authentic. Early on in our collaboration, she gave me an autographed copy of Diane Keaton’s seminal book “California Romantica”. Together, we’ve learned from almost every detail on every page, and it’s established a sourcebook that we use to begin many of our Mediterranean-based projects. Lynn has the ability to bring freshness to this language, and none of her projects ever feel generic or predictable, as she continues to mine all the veins of this resource.
todd richardson & associates
richardson & associates
Combining landscape technical and management expertise with outstanding design ability, they are our dream team. Deeply in tune with the Maine landscape, their work is at once familiar and intense, heightening the experience of natural patterns we recognize and love. They are also the ultimate design team members, helping out with whatever needs to be accomplished to move the project to success, including standing up for what they believe, while checking their egos at the door.
kristen panitch
kristen panitch interiors
Kristen is the queen of a design sensibility that assembles disparate elements—each with distinct aesthetic personalities—into a composition that feels simultaneously lively and unified. Drawing from a deep reservoir of sources, she always literally brings to the (design) table elements that surprise and delight, and are never what one would expect. She’s fearless at repurposing elements of old furniture and salvaged building materials, with the ability to control the outcome just enough to ensure success. And always, her projects have the sense of a real family that’s understood and reflected in the design.
jay fischer
cold mountain builders
Jay Fischer is pre-eminent among Maine contractors, and his reputation is built on exceptional talent as a builder, and a genuine, sophisticated understanding of architecture. He sees his role as one of assisting the architect and client to realize their visions and goals. Just out of architecture school, the firms I interned with were involved in several houses Jay was building, and I have distinct memories of him in our office, standing next to my drawing board with a very professorial manner, showing me how to detail a stone threshold so it didn’t leak. Jay’s wisdom on any project establishes a level of confidence for everyone on the team.
tobin peacock
general contractor
I’ve been fortunate to work with many talented builders over the years, most of whom I’d be happy to work with again. Tobin, however, is a standout, with a combination of skills that make him one of the rising stars of residential construction. He builds well, he estimates well, he communicates well, and he follows up. For an architect, he’s the ideal builder, because he’s interested in architecture, and sees his role as facilitator. He wants to understand the design concept, and is there to make it happen, offering pragmatic and aesthetic suggestions along the way. Our first project together can be seen under “Projects”, the “House on Punkinville Road”.
albert putnam PE
structural engineer
Al is another structural engineer with whom I’ve collaborated over the past years, and is a growing presence in his field. He has the talent to make everyone on the team feel his confidence: architect, client, and builder. And he backs it up with clean, inventive structural solutions perfectly suited to the project at hand, working with clarity and deliberation from his solo office overlooking the main street of a small town. His work can be seen in the “House on Punkinville Road”.
paul becker PE
becker structural engineers, inc.
Paul and I met when we were both young interns not long out of school. He’s since established a very respected structural engineering firm, and I’ve worked with him and his associates together on many, many projects over the years. Paul helps me realize the goal of integrating structure and architecture: we’ve both learned the satisfaction that comes when the structural solution makes the architectural solution even better, and vice versa. Instead of developing an architectural concept and then asking Paul to make it stand up while making no demands on my design, we work together to create something that is beautiful, structurally elegant, and materially efficient. Paul’s work can be seen on many of the projects on this website.
peter knuppel IESNA
lighting design
Peter is one of those people for whom design permeates every aspect of his life, and that ensures his lighting design is in synch with the architecture, furniture and mood of the space. Born in Germany and having worked across the globe on many scales of projects, he does it all from a tiny studio in rural Maine. He and his dog Otto the Scottie tend to crisscross the Southwest on a regular basis in search of good light, open space, and great Mexican food. Working with him reminds me to clarify the design solution and make sure every move counts, because his lighting design consistently does just that. Oh, and, he reminds me to keep a sense of humor. . . Almost every project you see on my website has his lighting design.
barbara cooper
graphic designer
Barbara was my first new collaborator as the firm started to take shape in Los Angeles, and we’ve worked together to create the public face of the studio. She’s patiently worked with me as I showed myself to be an alter-ego graphic artist. Through it all, she created a look that incorporates my requirements and desires while making sure it’s consistent and strong. The greatest delight is to be on the receiving end of talented design this time, and to enjoy the pleasure and surprise inherent in that process.
daniela kuper
firm imaging
At the beginning steps of starting a new architecture practice in Los Angeles, Daniela met with me for a productive, exhausting weekend at her studio in Boulder, with the purpose of defining the essence of this new firm. Her first question was: “What do you want a typical day to be like in this new firm?” What a brilliant question. As we dug into it, the answer to that question made everything else fall in place: To be surrounded by smart and interesting people—clients and consultants. To create a welcoming space where people feel comfortable to stop by and talk about design, life, food. To work intimately with just a few clients at a time. Daniela’s process with her clients is luxurious, specific, and penetrating, and her ability to create a literal and psychological environment for creative collaboration is legendary.